Our dates this year for Vacation Bible School is June 26-30.  Calling all Kids and Teens going into 1st thru 12th grades!   We have an exciting program called “Cowabunga Farm: Growing with Our Faithful God”.  We are putting this on June 26 Monday, thru June 30, Friday.  The church will be decorated like a great farm world complete with Animals, Tractors, Barns and mystery characters.   There is a Fair with challenging games to earn tickets, a bouncer, water games, sports, Bible learning, Funny skits, Camping day, crafts to learn skills, and wonderful teachers who help everyone have a great time!

We have a pre-registration Form that you can fill out and email or bring with you to the first day of VBT.

If you have any questions call Pastor Rice at 609-412-7658.  Have a great day!

You can request a form to be sent in the mail by calling 609-412-7658 or emailing the pastor jerrycarrie@gmail.com.   You can then fill it out and bring it in with you on the first day you come to VBT or you can fill out this info that will come directly to the Pastor.  We look forward to seeing you!